Anti-Anxiety Uniform (AAU), 2017-2018

Materials: fabric, paint, wood, Velcro, aluminum & steel

A set of hand-made outfits to express the emotional characteristics of discomfort that arise around interpersonal and group conflict. The wearable-sculptural objects are a proposal for a set of rules and procedures around expressing discomfort and vulnerability in public space. These garments were worn by me both during intentional performances and more casually at social events. The clothing includes interventions like 10lbs of weighted compression at the shoulders, abdomen and groin, sweat stains painted directly on, exaggerated saggy knees and painted chafe marks making standard the points where the body alters the form of the garment.

Platforms, 2017- 2018

Materials: cedar, pine, MDF, rubber, marble, pigmented epoxy

The platform sculptures were installed both in and out of the gallery at the Logan Center at the University of Chicago. Identifying hinge points in the architecture where people gather and chat, I anonymously placed the modular platforms creating stages for those interactions. The small lift off the ground both welcomes and isolates the figure creating temptations for public announcement and judgement.

Body of the king, 2015 – 2016

This project encompasses a collection of objects and paintings made in response to the american basketball player, Lebron James, his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise, and the 2016 presidential primaries in Cleveland, OH. The sewn and painted objects interrogate fabric and surface producing imagined relics of clothing for the historical moment. Oscillating between the signifiers of corporal body and body politic the collection of things asks the questions: how does a leader emerge in culture and who does the body of the king belong to?