2022 – 2023

A tax on a bag and other landscapes, Solo Exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery at University of Illinois Springfield, January 17 – February 16, 2023

The works in this exhibition investigate the material weight, volume, surface area and structure of the ubiquitous paper shopping bag. In this work I ask questions about how the climate crisis is imaged through the literary symbol of the bag tax that is popular in urban environments in the US. As a method to decrease one-use plastics or paper, the tax puts an emphasis on the morality of changing everyday personal consumer behavior. Through a series of arrangements and compressions that populate the gallery’s floor, these sculptures look at how we understand abstract numerical relationships like quantity, singularity and accumulation.

Drawing on my interests in painting as a method of symbolic and diagrammatic thought, the painted compositions in the show use contrasting color relationships and investigations of point of view to suspend moral tensions observed in my everyday encounters. Through imagery like trash thrown out the window of a car, a monument’s point of view, and a named donation for a private healthcare clinic, the paintings address the viewer with intimate visual vignettes of the urban landscape.

Blue, acrylic on canvas, 9″ x 120″, 2022
Columbus, oil on canvas, 20″ x 32″, 2022
Untitled (triptych), handmade paper bags, acrylic on brown kraft paper, 2023
Untitled (triptych)
Untitled (triptych)
Detail of Untitled (triptych)
Untitled (triptych)
Untitled (triptych)
Line, machine made paper bags with acrylic paint and concrete block, 2023
Balance, machine made paper bags with acrylic paint and concrete blocks, 2023
Untitled, machine made paper bags with board, 2023
Rate of change, machine made paper bags, 2023
Untitled, machine made paper bags with concrete blocks, 2023
An image of the weight of water, handmade paper bag with acrylic paint, 2022

the toss, acrylic on paper, various sizes, 2022

When she walks the route after waiting for the bus (frame)
Oil on cardboard with artist frame, 18” x 22.5” x 2.25″, 2021

Untitled, acrylic paint on paper bag, 2021